Eunjoo Hong

Hyungjae Kim

#303, 101–27, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04542

2017 Seoul Focus 25.7







offset printing

2017 Seoul Focus 25.7 (2017, Buk Seoul Museum of Art) was held for the 30th anniversary of the completion of the Sanggye New Town project. According to a preface by Regina Shin, a curator who designed the exhibition said, “the title of this exhibition, 25.7, refers to the uniform size of apartments in the New Town districts. Measured in pyung, a Korean unit for measuring floorspace, space roughly equals 85 square meters. The uniform size was adopted as part of the Housing Construction Promotion Act, enacted in 1972 under the Park Chung-hee administration, and was declared “the most universal and standard unit of floorspace” fit for the average family of four or five. Even after forty years, the unit is still widely used today in public housing projects and residential complexes.”

We considered the collective and individual culture that emerged from this collective housing complex to be of great historical importance. To reflect the way in which owners have their desires and lifestyles combined through the same 25.7 pyung apartment, we brought 25.7 in all fonts in our font library folder at the time of work to create a row like a group house.