Eunjoo Hong

Hyungjae Kim

#303, 101–27, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04542

Eunjoo Hong and Hyungjae Kim have been working as graphic designers in Euljiro, Seoul since 2011. They have been working on quite a variety of projects, but the scope of these tasks is quite wide, making it difficult to specify their identities as one or two. This is why they couldn’t decide on a specific studio name. They are just Eunjoo Hong and Hyungjae Kim.

Both graduated from Kookmin University, Department of Visual Communication Design, and received a master’s degree from the same school. They were known as creators who conceived and initiated an artist magazine Gazzazapzi printed and distributed as much as they got ordered (which is unusual in that time) in the late 2000s. In this regard, they also organized and participated in GZFM 90.0 91.3 92.5 94.2 (2010, Space Hamilton). Together with fellow designers and creators, they also organized exhibitions such as Beautiful Book in Korea 2010 (2011, Seogyo Art Center).
G& Press

Since they opened their office in Euljiro, Seoul, in 2011, they have engaged in publishing, printing, and online projects, mainly in culture, arts, and architecture. In February 2021, they held their first solo exhibition On Your Mark to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the studio opening. They often work or participate in projects such as exhibitions in the name of two, but sometimes they work in unit activities with other colleagues. Hong held a solo exhibition in Audio Visual Pavillion in 2017 and solo participation in W SHOW in the same year. Kim formed a creative group ‘Optical Race’ with Jaehyun Bahk in 2014 and participated in various exhibitions held at Arko Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Samsung Museum Leeum, etc. Kim rolled himself as an editor and a designer for the occasional cultural magazine Domino (2010-2015) at this time. They also are running a publisher called G& Press. G& Press has become the base for publishing Gazzazapzi and Domino. Occasionally they publish experimental books through this platform with artists.

Hong teaches web design and graphic design at Kookmin University, University of Seoul, Ewha Woman’s University, and Dongyang University. Kim is an assistant professor of the department of design at Dongyang University.


[2020.9.14] This Just In: Contemporary Design of South Korea


Eunjoo, circa 2012

Hyungjae, circa 2012

(? and) Hyungjae and Eunjoo, 2019

At the funeral of Eunjoo's grandma, 2020

Yelin, 2022-

Seungjin, 2023-

Jungeun, 2014

Yeonju, 2014-2017

Hyojung, 2015-2016

Dogyeong, 2021-2023