Eunjoo Hong

Hyungjae Kim

#303, 101–27, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04542

Incheon Museum of Art





variable size

The Incheon Museum of Art is a virtual museum that does not actually exist. So every time this museum goes through the project, shape and space change continuously. In Chinese characters, it is written as ‘人千始湁美述觀’, that means ‘to inspire many people to start different points of view on art’, and it has nothing to do with Incheon city.

In order to reveal the identity that changes according to the point of view or the situation, we thought that the logo should be able to change into various forms. To this end, we have borrowed the grammar of the traditional heraldry used by families and armies in Europe. The shields, ribbons, and animals that make up the traditional heraldry all have different meanings and represent different groups depending on how they are combined. The identity of the Incheon Museum of Art can also be combined with a number of meanings through the combination of images given.