Eunjoo Hong

Hyungjae Kim

#303, 101–27, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04542

CC: CopyCat





124×274mm, 520pp


hardcover sewn binding

In Copy Cat (CC), the architect and writer, Planstadt (Hyun Chung), “gathered the writings and works of several authors to explore the city of Seoul and the culture hidden within it at the macro perspective,” and bound books in the form of an atypical magazine. The author-editor and we have tried to do a formal experiment in the book by interacting closely with the editorial process, reinterpreting the function and form of book content and customary books, introducing the concept of layers, planes, and three-dimensional axes.

Here are some brief hints: The two tables of contents reveal the largest two layers. It is on the layer of the integrated virtual narrative and the specific task list of the participant, neither of which reveals the structure of the book at all, but a clearer outline is revealed when the two contents are superimposed. Likewise, all elements of this book are presented in a nonlinear way that functions as the structure of the whole structure of the spreads, linearly flowing through the ground along its own path, and integrating different time zones and axes. In addition, floating information like noise is placed on the edge of the spreads. Page numbers placed everywhere indirectly reveal this, and it can be seen that they are increasing according to a different time / semantic rules.
Published by Superellipse Books
ISBN 979-11-953312-8-4

Awarded the grand prize of ‘The beautiful typography book 2017’ by Korean Society of Typography.